About this blog

Hello and Welcome to Decoding Europe!

The purpose of this blog is to inform Silicon Valley corporate comms and public policy professionals about developments in policy-making and politics in Europe, comparing them to similar developments in the United States. It focuses primarily on the information technology, telecoms and entertainment industries.

Navigating the European regulatory framework and political scene can be cryptic to new-comers. Decoding Europe aims to make it easier for public affairs and corporate comms professionals to understand how European policy-makers make decisions that affect their industries. It looks at what motivates European politicians, taking into account the continent’s culture, history and economics. It provides tips on how to tailor advocacy campaigns to best manage corporate reputation.

Decoding Europe is a place for debate. Feel free to post comments or ask that we cover specific topics or areas. We’ll do our best to decode Europe for you!

Decoding Europe was created by Lucile Vareine, a public affairs and corporate comms professional with a decade-long experience in Europe representing and advising information technology, telecoms and entertainment companies and interest groups. Lucile has designed and implemented strategic campaigns that have shaped reputation among European policy-makers and led to successful legislative change. In 2014, Lucile moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to continue advising Silicon Valley-based tech companies on how to best manage the political, policy and reputation issues they face in Europe.